40 things I love about turning 40!

#1 – I’m not 20 anymore – Yay – I’m finally in a place where I’m happy in my own skin. I’m not worried about when the man of my dreams is going to walk/stroll/swagger/stagger into my life or the size of my derriere/nose/chest/bank balance.

#2 – My family is complete – no more morning sickness, cravings, achy pubic bone and thrice weekly visits to the hospital for me. I will miss the trousers though (would it be inappropriate to get them out every now and again?).

#3 – My cr@p threshold has significantly lowered over the years – I won’t put up with the same rubbish that I did in my twenties, thinking I had no other choice.

#4 – I’ve gone into crazy party-planning mode and am going to be celebrating with all of my special ones in all kinds of ways, starting with a sisters’ weekend in the big smoke. Turning 40 has given me an excuse to act 20-ish again!

#5 – My birthday cake candles will keep this cold mortal warm #enoughsaid.

#6 – My children think I’m old – imagine their surprise when I’m so down with ‘yoof’ culture. I know my Angkor Wat from my Man Not Hot.

#7 – I can enjoy watching the entire Disney back-catalogue with my children at my leisure and call this ‘parenting’. At 20, this would be called ‘wasting my life’.

#8 – I can purchase alcohol at the supermarket self-checkout and nobody bats an eyelid – THINK 25+15.

#9 – I was born in the year that brought the world ‘Night Fever’, ‘Boogie Oogie Oogie’ and ‘Three Times a Lady’ – this is a source of some pride for me.

#10 – I am the same age as ‘Grease’ and that never gets old.

#11 – With my advancing years (or year), I’ve legged it up to the next marketing demographic – goodbye 35 -39!

#12 – There will be a full decade between me and the worst decade of my life to date. I’ve learnt to live with loss and move on.

#13 – Thanks to the obstacles I’ve faced, I’m a stronger person. I’m no tough nut but I can pick myself up and dust myself down when I need to.

#14 – I’ve learnt to accept my faults and build on my strengths. I’m far from perfect, but who is?

#15 – I remember the days before the internet and social media took over – they were still fun.

#16 – My childhood treats were Pacers (stripy, minty chewiness- if in doubt, consult Google) and those little pig-shaped, baked bean flavoured crisps – now what were they called?

#17 – I enjoy the odd conversation about the youth of today and ripping the proverbial out of my 14 year old.

#18 – Work-wise, I’m where I want to be. In some strange, not-quite-as-I-imagined way, my dreams have come true.

#19 – The dogs have blessed me with wonderful friends and family and they have stuck around.

#20 – I have three amazing children, who no longer require me to attend to their personal care needs on a daily basis, although occasionally offer up the mandatory vom-bomb to keep me on my toes.

#21 – I remember what it was to have a carefree childhood and aspire to give my boys the same.

#22 – I accept that my home will never be a palace and that there may always be LEGO on the floor in at least two rooms at any one time.

#23 – I’ve learnt that those people who say they ‘call a spade a spade’ nearly always call it something else behind your back.

#24 – I’ve come to appreciate that it’s okay to not always have the answers – in fact, sometimes it’s a bonus.

#25 – In my 80s’ childhood, my mum and dad played us music from the 60s and 70s; that’s 40 years’ exposure to over half a century of banging tunes!

#26 – I know that life’s motorway doesn’t always see you and your special ones driving in adjacent lanes at the same speed. There’ll be times when you get overtaken and times when you might need to hitch a lift. This is all okay.

#27 – is still my lucky number.

#28 – I’m in great company – at least five of my friends, Usher, John Legend, Scherzy and James Corden all turn 40 this year – Happy Birthday Guys!

#29 – I’m now of an age where I can commit quality time to a new pastime – embarrassing my children. Anyone for a mummy cuddle?

#30 – My children are ready for me to share key aspects of my childhood with them, for example, Forrest Gump.

#31 – I’m old enough not to understand how to use Snapchat #noanimalearshere

#32 – To me ‘sick’ will always mean ‘proper poorly’ and ‘gay’ continues to be a nice word.

#33 – I live in a world where love is love and is recognised as such.

#34 – I can dib in and out of all of the shops I love, falling at either end of their target audience.

#35 – I can say, with no hesitation, that money spent on a good bra is money well spent.

#36 – I will always remember the joy that was Woolworths’ pick ‘n’ mix.

#37 – I will always be a little sister, no matter how old I get.

#38 – I have come to appreciate Channing Tatum as a husband and a father, alongside his creative talents.

#39 – My search for love is over – my knight in shining armour arrived 18 years ago when I needed him most.

#40 – I’m okay with me and my bubble, which happens to be a pretty darn fine bubble. Speaking of which… where’s the Prosecco!

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