Blog takeover: the little one talks parenting…

The little one has taken a great interest in the blog. The little one really likes the blog. The little one would really like to write his own blog article. Have I mentioned that the little one fancies himself as a bit of a mini-blogger. Now I don’t hold with all of this giving in to your children malarkey but I did just fancy ten minutes to myself so here goes… 

Hello there,

I’m ten years old and I have two brothers. My parents are kind and caring people. I need to tell you something…

All parents have secrets (I wonder what yours are 🙂 )

I just want to write a few things and tell you what I think of my parents’ parenting skills (and what these people make me do). There are definitely funny and not-so-funny things in life. I must say, I won’t be pulled away from this blog that easily…

Things I love about my parents

  • Their sense of humour
  • Their cooking
  • The way they treat others
  • The way they handle arguments
  • Their kind attitude
  • The things they do for me
  • Their love (obviously)

In my ten years of experience, there are three different types of parent:

“Now how was your day?”

These kinds of parents are the ones that ask a lot of questions.

“Why are you writing about me asking questions?”


“Go to your room!”

This kind of parent likes to be in charge at all times.

“Put that away!”




 “Let’s go to the park!”

This kind of parent has an eye for adventure. It is the best kind and has a great big…

“I’m hungry!”


















My parents: the facts

My mum is a kind-hearted and obliging person, who has three loves:

  • her husband (my dad)
  • her kids
  • books

Dad is a talkative and adventurous person and also has three loves:

  • his wife (my mum)
  • his kids
  • his guitar

I have my fingers crossed that you’ve enjoyed my blog take-over and I hope I’ll see you here again soon!




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