The little one has taken a great interest in the blog. The little one really likes the blog. The little one would really like to write his own blog article. Have I mentioned that the little one fancies himself as a bit of a mini-blogger. Now I don’t hold with all of this giving in to your children malarkey but I did just fancy ten minutes to myself so here goes…┬á Hello there, I’m ten years old and I have two brothers. My parents are kind and caring people. I need to tell you something… All parents have secrets (I wonder what yours are ­čÖéRead More →

After all my talk of nobody sending letters anymore, I’ve received a letter. It’s addressed to me personally and it’s an invitation. No need to RSVP here…I just need to pick up the phone and arrange an appointment for my smear test. This week, it’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. Recent statistics suggest that number of women attending for their┬ásmear test has been steadily dropping since 2012, with one in four women not attending for their routine smear. In the 25 – 29 years age bracket, this drops to one in three women. Smear tests prevent 75% of cervical cancers from developing, which is really quiteRead More →

So at work today (in between working extremely hard) we were discussing letters. I may not be a ‘Hoarders from Hell’-level hoarder but I do have a bit of a tendency towards nostalgia and like to keep things that I consider to be of sentimental value. My husband may classify some of these items as ‘recycling’. Over the years, I have kept most of the letters that friends and family have sent to me, and tonight (whilst the husband works) I have dug them all out.┬á The first thing that struck me about my near record-breaking collection of letters was the power of them. WithinRead More →

It’s all coming back to me. The cold sweats, the catastrophising (Have I done enough? Have I done too much? Will I remember all this? What should I have for breakfast?), the blind panic and the overwhelming feeling of impending doom. Fortunately for me, I’ll be at work tomorrow but my 14 year old (aka #1 son – ranking relates solely to birth order) will be sitting an exam. He’s staying cool and has just trotted off to bed after today’s seventh bowl of cereal. He’s been revising steadily after some ‘motivational chats’ from his father and me; I’m fairly sure there’s not much elseRead More →

My name is Lisa. I’m 39 but in my head I’m about 23. I’m mum to three boys, aged 9, 11 and 14 years and wife to a 52 year old. While being mum is a permanent post, when I’m not attending to domestic duties, I work as a proofreader, helping people to lift the quality of and bring life to their written work. I love all things travel and foodie. I’m also a big music fan and love cheesy pop and 90s’ floor-fillers (adding one of my favourites here). I’m a homebird and for me, there is no better time than family time, evenRead More →

Good Morning all. A quick introduction to begin with. My name is Lisa. I’m nearing the end of my fourth decade but not too sad about it. 2018 promises to be the year that I finally shift that baby weight (my eldest will be fifteen in July) and perhaps lay my hands on Channing Tatum’s phone number. I am mum to three astounding human beings, aged 14, 11 and 9 respectively. I am married to my long suffering partner, now husband, of nearly eighteen years (we made it legal just eight years ago…our children wore Chicken Pox for the wedding). I love to laugh, haveRead More →